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Мany think that a greeting card is just a piece of cardboard with a pretty picture, and does not need much effort or costs to create. Books or calendars, of course, seem to be a different story.

But in reality, a greeting card is an extremely complicated polygraphic product — each of those little cards goes through a number of various machines and tens of trained hands. Art&Design Group includes Kaluga Karton-Poligraph Company. This is a company with more than a seventy-year history and a long-standing tradition of making high quality products. Since 1947, the plant has been producing packaging for Russian-made perfumes, and in 1999 it joined Art&Design Group. This was how we acquired our inhouse printing facility, which is a unique occurrence on the Russian greeting card market and a rare fact globally.

We started investing in newest printing equipment right away. Since then, we have invested more than 40 000 000 US Dollars in purchasing new equipment, and personnel training.

Currently the printing company manufactures over 135 million greeting cards per year. Their quality meets or exceeds the quality of the best European and American greeting cards. Moreover, the company releases high-end tailor-made packaging and covers for exercise books, sketch books and diaries.

Kaluga Polygraphic Company employs skilled professionals who really love making greeting cards. For instance, to be decorated with embossing, the greeting card goes to the engraver, a metal artist with many years of experience.

It takes the engraver two days to develop a unique pattern and work thoroughly on minute elements of the card. Beautifully folded ribbons, sparkling glitter and flowers that emerge from inside the greeting card as it opens are the product of hand assembly workshop specialists. No machine is capable of repeating the result!

Our greeting cards carry along the warmth of our hands and souls

Our equipment:

Full-color printing:
High Capacity Six-Colour Sheetfed Offset Press ROLAND 706 LV HiPrint Full UV Printing  InlineFoiler 1.0, Multi Reel
HEIDELBERG SPEEDMASTER SM 74 ?4 + VD 4-colour offset printing machine
HEIDELBERG SPEEDMASTER CD 102-4-L-UV 4-colour offset printing machine
Through and selective UV glazing, screen printing:
SC-102DX, SAKURAI/DORN Sheet-Fed Screen Printing Press
Finishing equipment:
Embossing and die cutting:
Folding and gluing:
Thermographic machines:
SUNRAISE HP 15 — 2 machines
Automatic lines for assembling paper gift bags:
ZEMBO ZET 960 — 2 machines
ZEMBO ZB 50B – 2 machines
Automatic laminators — 3 machines
Equipment for assembling calendars:
Automatic stitcher — LB-700 — 3 machines
Puncher LP-500
Calendar binding machine WIRE-O 700 mm
…and many others.

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